About Us

                        Telungupalayam hospital is called as "TELUNGUPALAYAM VAIDIYASALAI". It was oped by her highness the MAHARANI of BHAVANAGAR on 13th June 1949.
                       Now this hospital is run by
Dr.SUGUNA MUTHUKUMAR (Daughter in law of Dr.V.ARUJUNAN and Wife of Dr.A.MUTHUKUMAR )

At the telungupalayam hospital, our specialists use traditional techniques. We have been using herbal medicine for more than 100 years. The use of herbal medicines is much better than the use of modern chemicals. This is true mainly because herbal medicines do not harm the body.

Telugupalayam hospital is one of the leading hospital for Sidha. We are specialist for the Bone Fractures, poliomyelitis, Paralysis, Facial Paralysis, Rheumatism and etc.

Now This Hospital is run by Dr. SUGUNAMUTHUKUMAR ( Daughter in law of Dr.V.ARJUNAN and Wife of Dr.A.MUTHUKUMAR)